How much does a personal chef cost in 2020

When people think of having a chef cook for them, they generally think of a private chef. But having a full-time employee like a private chef can cost upwards tens of thousands a year and that doesn’t even include the groceries.

If you love the idea of having chef prepared dinners but don’t want a full-time person standing in your kitchen waiting for you to tell them what to do, personal chef services might be the perfect fit. So how much does a personal chef cost?

Whether you want service weekly, every other week, or even monthly, personal chef service includes:

Choosing your menu – you’re always free to pick whatever you want to have whether it’s from a suggested list of delicious client approved entrees, you name something you already have in mind, or you want to provide a specific recipe. This way you know you’re getting food the whole family will love.

Freshest highest quality ingredients – whether it’s Central Market, Whole Foods, Market Street etc only the best is chosen by your personal chef to make sure you get the most delicious dinners.

Family style or individual portions – everything is chilled and packaged exactly how you want to enjoy it at dinner time so you can get right to the eating part whether that’s everyone in the family together, or each person on their own schedule.

There are a lot of variable when it comes to rates charged by personal chefs and how much a personal chef will cost.

Some of these include where in the country you’re located, what type of service you want, the experience and skill of the personal chef.

Based on research from Indeed, Payscale, and dozens of personal chefs across the country, in large cities an experienced personal chef ranges from $300-600 for a selection of five entrees with 4-6 servings of each entrée.

When you think about taking the dinner time hassle off your mind, the time you save, and the quality of food you get when you hire a personal chef, it is more than worth it for busy families.

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How much does a personal chef cost in 2020

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