How to find the right personal chef for you

When you’re busy with work and kids and school and sports and lessons/tutoring/therapy and LIFE the last thing you need is something else added to your to do list.

Finding the right personal chef to ease your load can seem overwhelming.

But investing just a small amount of time on the upfront can save you HOURS every single week.

Here are four simple things to consider to make the hiring part of having a personal chef quick and easy so you can get to the awesome part of having a personal chef, the eating!


The more experience a personal chef has the better the experience will be for you.

How long have they been a personal chef? Having restaurant experience is very different than cooking long term for a family who all might have different tastes or allergies and special diets to consider.


Just like other professionals you work with you want to be sure your personal chef has the appropriate liability insurance.


A personal chef with experience will be able to provide you with many glowing testimonials reassuring you that they are professional, reliable, and cook delicious food.


Whether it’s in person, by phone, or even email, it’s important to get to know your potential personal chef to make sure your personalities mesh.

Do they like to communicate they way you do whether that’s phone, email, or text?

Are they flexible and accommodating or are they rigid and uncompromising?

You probably don’t want a Gordon Ramsay type who’s going to yell at you.

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How to find the right personal chef for you

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