What are personal chef services?

Regularly scheduled personal chef services can be a family saver.

No more frantic scrambling to throw dinner together at 7:30pm from the limp head of lettuce in the fridge and can of pinto beans in the pantry.

No more guiltily ordering Favor/Door Dash/Grub Hub even though you know it’s unhealthy.

No more running by the grocery store AGAIN on the way home to pickup something, ANYTHING for dinner tonight.

You can have weekly, bimonthly, or monthly personal chef services where the exact dinners that you love are prepared just the way you like them.

Your fridge is full of delicious meals so that all you have to do is pop them in the oven or microwave.

No grocery store runs.

No kitchen looking like a bomb went off.

Just delicious dinners that everyone in the family will love.

Want to know how all this fabulousness can be yours? Click here to contact Chef Shelley about availability.

What are personal chef services?

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