What is a personal chef?

There are many kinds of chefs.

Everyone knows what a restaurant chef does, and you’re probably familiar with a private chef, but what about a personal chef?

The easiest way to explain a personal chef is to compare it to a private chef.

Private chefs work full time for one family. So they’re pretty much an in house employee like a full time house manager.

Personal chefs are more like contractors. They have multiple clients and get paid per cook day or specific job like a dinner party.

There are many different services that personal chefs can offer but the most common is preparing a week’s worth of dinners for a busy family.

If you’re constantly running from school to sports or lessons or tutoring or therapy…

If the “What’s for dinner?” question makes you cringe every night…

If your kids have better car eating manners than table manners…

If you’re contemplating a Christmas gift for the uber eats/favor/door dash/grub hub guy because he’s practically part of the family…

These regularly scheduled personal chef services can be a life saver.

You can be enjoying custom prepared, delicious dinners that everyone in the family will love every night.

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What is a personal chef?
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