Chef Shelley

Shelley Blechar is the Chef and Owner of Elegant Eats LLC. She received her training as a Personal Chef through the Culinary Business Academy. She also has a diploma in Gourmet Cooking and Catering from PCDI.

She makes an annual trip to the wine country in California where she received a Bachelor’s Degree from Sonoma State University and takes cooking classes from Sally Schmitt, the original owner and founder of the French Laundry.

Shelley has a formidable collection of exquisite recipes she has culled over the last thirty years and an extensive collection of culinary books and magazines. With a foundation of the tried and true and a constant searching for the new and different her clients have hundreds of recipes to choose from and never need have the same thing twice if they wish.

Shelley lives in Frisco, Texas with her husband Terry since 2002. They have two boys.

She has been very active in the community and served on the Board of Directors for the original Frisco Farmers’ Market. She is a graduate of Leadership Frisco Class 8, and regularly donates to Frisco Lovepacs. She is a proud Sonoma State University alumnae (in the wine country of California, of course) and Kappa Alpha Theta, serving multiple terms as an officer for the Frisco-Allen Texas Area Alumnae Panhellenic. She has also held several board positions on PTAs for FISD's Early Childhood School, Carroll Elementary, and Cobb Middle School.

Sometimes, she even manages to make dinner for her husband.



The Deliverator

Scott holds a Masters Degree in Public Affairs from the University of Oregon. He has 27 years of experience working for a large international company in sales and sales management. Scott has lived in California, Oregon and has recently moved from Colorado to McKinney, Texas.

Previously he was on the board of directors for the Frisco Farms’ Market and was the manager of the Collin County Farmers’ Market. Currently he is a volunteer with Sacra Script. His interests include food, family, serving others, and when time allows an occasional game of golf.


The Disherator

Martha has had a passion for food forever. One of her first great ventures was attempting Baked Alaska at the age of 10. There was just one little problem…she didn’t read the directions that said the ice cream should be left in the freezer until time to assemble. As a result, the family had Baked Alaska soup and enjoyed it thoroughly. Later she was asked to make cheesecake for a restaurant in Bend, Oregon which was billed as Aunt Martha’s cheesecake. And so it goes…on and on.

Martha is fascinated with the look, the textures, the smell, the taste and the conviviality of great food. Her greatest pleasure is to create something for an appreciative gathering and to watch their faces as they sample the treat.

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