What is a personal chef?

There are many kinds of chefs. Everyone knows what a restaurant chef does, and you’re probably familiar with a private chef, but what about a personal chef? The easiest way to explain a personal chef is to compare it to a private chef. Private chefs work full time for one family. So they’re pretty much […]

What are personal chef services?

Regularly scheduled personal chef services can be a family saver. No more frantic scrambling to throw dinner together at 7:30pm from the limp head of lettuce in the fridge and can of pinto beans in the pantry. No more guiltily ordering Favor/Door Dash/Grub Hub even though you know it’s unhealthy. No more running by the […]

How to find the right personal chef for you

When you’re busy with work and kids and school and sports and lessons/tutoring/therapy and LIFE the last thing you need is something else added to your to do list. Finding the right personal chef to ease your load can seem overwhelming. But investing just a small amount of time on the upfront can save you […]

Is a personal chef right for me?

So life is busy as heck and the thought of having help with dinner seems like a dream come true. How do you know a personal chef is the right choice? Here are some things to consider. Are you too busy to deal with “what’s for dinner?” every night, night after night? Do you hate […]

How much does a personal chef cost in 2020

When people think of having a chef cook for them, they generally think of a private chef. But having a full-time employee like a private chef can cost upwards tens of thousands a year and that doesn’t even include the groceries. If you love the idea of having chef prepared dinners but don’t want a […]

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